Made to Form 2019

Made to Form

As a jewelry artist, Farah Abdelhamid’s work addresses notions of functionality and wearability by looking into how we categorize objects as jewelry, clothing, or accessories, unraveling popular social theory and cultural norms. In her collection, “Made to Form”, she investigates the ‘grey’ area between object and jewelry, wearable and functional, open and closed hollow forms. With a general social interest in space and “inviting the body” to interact with non-determined objects, these handheld pieces exist on and off the body in their custom-made trivets, sparking this conversation about form and function at a contrastive scale.

Each piece is completely unique and hand-fabricated, taking reference from containers and hollow shapes found in our daily environments, prompting a general language of associative function and categorization. By staying true to metalsmithing and pottery techniques, embracing their historical associations and functions across cultures and generations, these containers contain, protect, and store practical and metaphorical purposes to their maker, owner, and to the receiver. In this exchange, each container and each person decides on its function in conversation - anything can be transported, protected, stored and hidden in these small hollow spaces, made to be worn, and “Made to Form”.